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Building Data-driven Teams:Empowered Constructions

From optimizing project efficiency to improving data collection and management of resources, the construction industry has many identified opportunities for digitization. At FlowForms, we have worked with leading commercial construction businesses to identify how to customize data collection tailored to the needs of the industry and leverage workflow automation features to enhance productivity.

Survey Builder for Advanced Market Research

Create customized forms to collect data on market trends, compare material costs, and study customer preferences with FlowForms dynamic survey builder. Gain the competitive edge by using the app’s complex form features, such as branching logic and skip patterns that offer a more customized survey experience.

Workflow Automation for Better Project Management

Streamlining project management for timely completion and delivery is one of the biggest challenges in the construction industry. Leverage the FlowForms workflow management capabilities to automate repetitive tasks, improve communication and accelerate approval processes.

Labor and Inventory Management Sheets

Digitize your labor tracking and inventory management with FlowForms custom forms and trackers. Capture a wide range of daily metrics like labor hours, daily progress reports, equipment usage, and inventory levels, and generate real-time data insights to enable better workforce allocation, stock replenishment, and project timelines.

FlowForms is a powerful solution builder that enables small and mid-sized organizations to build applications and platforms easily to automate their business.



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