Pre-built App Templates That Have Worked For Our Clients

At FlowForms, we understand that different businesses have unique challenges. That’s why we offer a range of pre-built solution templates, designed to meet the specific needs of various industries. Explore our solutions and discover how they can support your operations.

Farm Management

Designed for small to medium-sized farms, this solution provides tools to track field activities comprehensively.

Poultry Business Management

Optimize your poultry business with a digital platform for managing day-to-day operations, vaccination schedules, production, sales, etc.

Outgrowers Management

For agribusinesses in contract farming, this template simplifies farmer profiling, field mapping, sales, and harvesting.

Property Management Platform

Manage rental properties with a system that provides real-time updates on occupancy, financials, and maintenance.

Distribution Management

A Streamlined solution for inventory and order management, logistics monitoring, and supplier data management.

Field Employee Management

From task management to employee location tracking, use our comprehensive solution for effectively managing your field workforce.

Meat Business Management

From managing customer information to tracking credit payments, our template offers a practical, user-friendly solution for the meat industry.

Workshop Management

Simplify your workshop workflow, and manage every step from vehicle entry to invoice generation, with clear tracking and easy reporting.

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Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

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