The First Step Towards Digitizing Agriculture

Designed for small to medium-sized farms, this solution provides tools to track field activities comprehensively. Field officers can manage daily tasks, labor, and payroll, while accounting can monitor financials. The storekeeper oversees inventory, and management gets a complete operational overview.

An Innovative Solution-Builder for Simplifying Farm Management

Here are some of the key benefits associated with using FlowForms solutions:

An Intuitive Solution For Agribusinesses

At FlowForms, we created the Farm Management Solution after extensive research and years of experience identifying and solving some of the toughest challenges faced by farmers and agribusinesses around the world. Our solution not only empowers farmers and businesses to seamlessly integrate digital workflows into their daily operations, but it also simplifies the whole digitization process.

Here are some of the star features of the Farm Management Solution

Farm Operations

  • Track crop cycle tasks, field scouting, and soil sampling.
  • Conduct pest and disease scouting for better farm health.
  • Monitor harvests and perform plant census effortlessly.
  • Manage soil amendment for improved soil fertility.

Input Inventory Management

  • Record and track the reception of agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides.
  • Make necessary adjustments to inventory levels due to damage, spoilage, or theft.
  • Keep track of the issuance of inputs to different sections of the farm.

Warehouse Operations - Crop Reception & Sales

  • Record the crop reception after harvest, keep track of available stock, and plan for subsequent sales or distribution.
  • Manage crop sales transactions including customer details and analyze sales trends.

Fixed Asset & Labor Management

  • Keep track of fixed assets, such as machinery, equipment, infrastructure, and the activities carried out on the farm.
  • Schedule and record maintenance activities, track repairs, and monitor the overall condition of their assets.
  • Record employee details, and work schedules and enable automatic wage calculation based on attendance and work hours.

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