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Experience improved efficiency, cost savings, better customer relationships, and happier employees, with FlowForm Field Employee Management Solution. Our specially designed solution gives you access to insights and data on employee attendance, daily activities, locations, tasks, stock reporting, and customer interactions so that you can identify areas of improvement and optimize your processes.

Efficiency Creates Happier Work Environments

Here are some of the key benefits associated with using FlowForms solutions:

The Key to Unlocking Resource Optimization

The FlowForms Field Employee Management System is a user-friendly app that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business and your employees. Even without any technical expertise, your field employees can use this application effortlessly to record their day-to-day tasks and key activities. Over a period, the app provides valuable insights into your current workforce productivity, unlocking opportunities for improvement.

Here are some of the star features of the Field Employee Management Solution

Employee Attendance

Incorporating FlowForms Employee Attendance into your business processes ensures accuracy, efficiency, and transparency in attendance management, leading to improved operations and reduced administrative burdens. Specific functions include Digital Attendance Tracking, Real-time Activity Updates, Automated Attendance Management, Notifications and Reports, and Historical Data and Analytics.

Employee Location Tracking

By implementing FlowForms Daily Activity Tracking, businesses can enhance their ability to monitor, manage, and optimize daily field operations, including the field staff's live location, activities, and task statuses. Specific functions include Real-Time GPS Tracking, Route Optimization, and Safety and Security features.

Task Management

FlowForms Task Management simplifies assigning, tracking, and completing tasks for field employees. This efficient system enhances productivity, reduces errors, and ensures that essential tasks are addressed promptly. Specific functions include Task Assignment and Prioritization, Real-time Task Updates, Automated Task Reminders, Task History, and Efficient Communication.

Stock Reporting

FlowForms Stock Reporting simplifies stock management for field employees. It ensures accurate tracking, real-time updates, and efficient order processing, contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction and smoother business operations. Specific functions include Inventory Tracking, Real-time Stock Updates, Threshold Alerts, Comprehensive Reports, and Easy Integration with other systems.

Customer Relationships

FlowForms Customer Relationships and Feedback feature enhances customer engagement and feedback collection, providing valuable insights for improving products and services. It fosters stronger customer relationships and empowers field employees to deliver exceptional service. Specific functions include Customer Profiling and Segmentation, Communication History, Feedback Collection and Analysis, and Surveys and Forms.

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