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From Fields to Insights:Transforming Agriculture

Among all industries, agriculture may be one of the hardest to transform digitally. With their end users primarily engaged in manual labor and less versatile with technology, agritech companies need solutions that are simple and easy to use. FlowForms fits perfectly into this scenario, offering a very basic and user-friendly interface, but also remote data collection capabilities that are essential in the sector.

Geolocation Enabled Field Tracking

Experience digitized field tracking with built-in geolocation settings that allow farmers and field officers to track and monitor with precision. Calculate and set field boundaries, and record soil characteristics and weather patterns specific to each location.

Dynamic Forms for Crop Monitoring

Create custom forms tailored to each crop variety and track their health and growth stages efficiently with FlowForms. Gather timely data insights to implement targeted interventions and more efficient resource allocation. By incorporating dynamic elements, such as conditional logic and weather APIs, FlowForms enables real-time data collection and monitoring.

Remote Access Data Collection with Offline Mode

Maintain your data integrity and quality by capturing user data from the remotest locations with limited internet connectivity. FlowForms’ offline data capture mode allows farmers to input critical farm data into the app for safe storage and automatically syncs once the internet is available.

Supply Chain Transparency Survey

Build dynamic surveys to collect supplier data and capture critical information at each stage of the supply chain. With FlowForms, you can grow your consumer engagement and trust, and position yourself as a responsible agritech partner.

FlowForms is a powerful solution builder that enables small and mid-sized organizations to build applications and platforms easily to automate their business.



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