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Improve Employee Retention:Forming Productive Workplaces

Optimize your Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management processes with FlowForms. Automate CRM workflows, increase employee productivity, identify opportunities for skill development and training, and offer the most seamless customer service experience. Take the next step in the digital transformation of your workplace.

Customer/Employee Engagement Feedback Forms

Whether you want to capture valuable feedback from customers and clients about your services and products, or you want to monitor and evaluate your employee engagement, FlowForms can help you whip up custom-built survey forms tailored to your audience. Leverage our app to increase your user experience and employee retention scores.

Streamlining Recruitment Processes

From job creation, requirements, and publishing, to candidate identification, evaluation, and onboarding, streamline your entire recruitment process to not just offer a better candidate experience, but to optimize your HR TATs. Make sure your business’ key positions are filled on time with the right candidates and save precious time and effort with FlowForms.

Automated CRM Data Collection & Transfer

Simplify your lead aggregation, account management, ticket status monitoring, and more with FlowForms’ workflow management and data synchronization capabilities. Give your sales and marketing teams the access to collect, and process data from various sources and gather quick insights from a single dashboard.

FlowForms is a powerful solution builder that enables small and mid-sized organizations to build applications and platforms easily to automate their business.



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