Simplifying Contract Farming

For agribusinesses in contract farming, this template simplifies farmer profiling, field mapping, sales, and harvesting. It streamlines the entire cycle from input distribution to farmer payments and loan management.

Driving Sustainable and Profitable Outgrower Partnerships

FlowForms stands out as the ideal partner for Farming operations. Our platform is not just about managing data – it’s about enabling growth, profitability, and sustainability in the agricultural sector.

Farmer Profiling & Onboarding

Enables easy data collection and automates registration, onboarding, and profiling of contract farmers that align with your agri-business model.

Digital Field Mapping

Take the next step towards precision agriculture with enhanced digital field mapping features that maximize efficiency while ensuring sustainability.

Input Delivery with Payment or Credit

Helps schedule, automate, and track regular input deliveries while recording all payment or credit transaction statuses.

Crop Cycle Task Monitoring

From pre-planting preparations to post-harvest handling, our solution helps you stay on schedule and updated on the entire crop production cycle.

Warehouse Management & Sales

Keep a close tab on all stages of warehousing including, storage, quality checks, and packaging, right up till sales and distribution.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Generate insightful reports on overall productivity and crop cycle performance with our custom dashboard that leverages real-time data analytics.

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