Customized to Solve Livestock Management

Optimize your poultry business with a digital platform for managing day-to-day operations, vaccination schedules, production, sales, and finances, ensuring a seamless operation from farm to market.

Feature-Packed to Transform Poultry and Livestock Management

From streamlining operations like feed management and health monitoring to increase efficiency and profitability, to getting access to real-time data and analytics that drive insightful decision-making, our Poultry Management Solution is as comprehensive as it gets.

Feeding Schedule

Record the feeding schedule of the birds. This can help ensure that the birds get the right amount of food and water and that the feeding is done at the right time.

Pests and Disease Monitoring

Monitor and identify pests and diseases on your farm. The app can be used to identify the pest or disease, record the severity, and take corrective measures.

Inventory Management

Maintain inventory records for supplies, equipment, and machinery on the farm. Record the details of each item, such as the name, quantity, and purchase dates.

Production Management

Record the dates, batch numbers, total eggs produced, and any breakages. This helps you monitor your production levels and identify chicken or equipment issues.

Dispatch and Sales

Record the egg dispatch and sales details, including the customer’s name, the quantity sold, and the amount received. Also, track inventory levels and get alerts when the stock is low.

Dashboard and Reports

FlowForms offers easy-to-understand detailed visual summaries and reports about your business to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Customer Registrations

Record customer details, such as name, contact information, and order history. This information can be used to provide personalized services to your customers.

Vaccinations and Medicines

Track each type of vaccination and assign the schedule for batches. Get reminders for vaccinations and supplements, ensuring that the birds are always healthy.

Daily Expenses and Activities

Record farm expenses such as feed, labor, equipment maintenance, and mortality. This helps you track your daily expenses and monitor the health of your chickens.

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