Digitizing Real-Estate Rental Management

Manage rental properties with a system that provides real-time updates on occupancy, financials, and maintenance. It includes a dedicated portal for owners to manage listings and monitor their properties’ performance.

Manage Your Properties Effortlessly

Here are some of the key benefits associated with using FlowForms solutions:

Unlocking a New Era in Property Management

FlowForms Property Management System is a user-friendly solution designed to make property management easier. It helps property owners and managers handle tasks like managing properties, bookings, staff, accounts, and maintenance more efficiently. Owners can use a special portal for adding and managing their properties. With easy-to-use web and mobile apps, FlowForms simplifies the process for everyone involved.

Here are some of the star features of the Property Management Solution

Property & Unit Management

  • Easily add and manage new properties, capturing details such as type, location, and more.
  • Stay informed about availability and maintenance needs with an occupancy status tracker
  • A user-friendly dashboard for a comprehensive view of your entire property portfolio
  • Receive notifications for events like rent overdue, lease renewals, maintenance schedules, etc.

Booking Management

  • Efficiently manage guest bookings, whether for short-term stays, long-term rentals, or vacation properties.
  • Use the Availability overview to check for reservations, and availability and make the room allocations easily.
  • From room service requests to maintenance needs, manage guest orders and service requests effortlessly.
  • Keep detailed records of all bookings, check-ins, checkouts, and service requests and generate reports.

Owner Portal

  • Property owners can easily list their apartments or rental properties.
  • Detailed earnings reports help owners track their property's financial performance.
  • Property owners can increase their property's visibility and reach a broader audience of potential guests.

Staff Management

  • Simplify attendance monitoring with a user-friendly staff portal where team members can mark their attendance.
  • Implement role-based access controls, ensuring that staff members only have access to the information and functionalities relevant to their roles.


  • Digital check-in to efficiently manage and monitor visitor entries, ensuring a secure living environment for tenants.
  • Implement access control measures that allow security staff to regulate entry to specific areas within the property.
  • Enable security staff to report incidents promptly and facilitate quick response to any security-related issues.

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