Workshop Workflows Optimzed

Simplify your workshop workflow with FlowForms. Manage every step from vehicle entry to invoice generation, with clear tracking and easy reporting with our Workshop Management Solution.

A Digital Step-Forward For Automobile Repairing

Managing a workshop manually can be a maze of challenges. Our solution provides a single-point control for all key operational functions such as check-ins, cost estimations, job card creations and work tracking. Here are some other features of our solution.

Vehicle Assessment

Record vehicle details and conditions, setting the stage for precise service estimations.

Job Card Generation

Turn approved estimates into comprehensive job cards that outline every task clearly.

Technician Allocation

Assign technicians to jobs based on their roles, expertise, and availability.

Inventory Management

Easily categorize items, monitor stock levels, and tag critical items to ensure you never run out of stock.

Asset Management

Keep your assets always in check, safeguarding their readiness and value for your workshop operations.

Insightful Reporting

Get real-time reports, custom dashboards, asset tracking, and performance metrics, all in one place.

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